Do You Wish To Be Truly Blessed And Your Life Abundantly Enriched?

Have you ever desired to be in reality blessed and your life enriched abundantly? Many human beings are searching for after this and do no longer recognize wherein to locate such wealth!

Turn with me to Psalm 1 and to those opening phrases, “Blessed is the person”. If you do now not have a Bible move and get keep of one – exit and purchase one nowadays – New International Version, if feasible because it is one of the finest present day translations.

God wishes to reveal us how we can be blessed, and He suggests the route of blessing and for blessing. And, God warns us what will take place if we forget about His Ways.

One very modern translation expresses verse 1 as, “O the joys of individuals who do not follow evil men’s recommendation.” There is a completely actual blessing while a person takes his recommend from men of God. Blessed is the person that comes to God and God’s Word and to God’s guys for recommendation, and for assist in time of hassle and want.

If we take the incorrect recommend and advice, we will discover ourselves placing around within the business enterprise of folks who do no longer know Jesus or hold His Word, and with a purpose to do us no top. There is no relaxation or blessing in such seats.

Blessed is the person who can say “NO” undoubtedly. No, I am now not doing that. No, I am now not going there. No, I will not be with you.

Do you see in this verse what regularly happens? It is the picture of a person on foot along side the ungodly – a sequence of steps that leads us to ensure commitments. Then he stands with them, and before he is aware of it he is sitting along them, agreeing with them, and perhaps beginning to scoff and ridicule at the matters of God. The sitting indicates a settled mind-set of the heart.

There does no longer appear like any room for compromise here. Sin grows. When we pass into sinners’ employer – we begin to think like them – talk like them – and act like them. Yes, we have to work along such human beings inside the global, however our fellowship is in Christ, and with people who are in Christ.

In verses 2 and 3 we have a photo of the person of God, and this is the Bible’s photo.

We are not told that any man wrote this Psalm. It is as if this comes from God, without delay stimulated with the aid of the Holy Spirit.

Here we see a man whose pleasure is within the Word of God, and he is aware of that God’s Word is going to shield him from the suggest and recommendation of the ungodly or wicked, and save you him from getting into the organisation of sinners.

This man wants to recognize what God is announcing, and so he seeks to meditate upon it continually – as regularly as he’s able to. Meditate approach to assume severely. We focus our eyes – our attention – and it is a pride – it isn’t a hassle – nor a burden – nor an interruption.

What kind of guy emerges and develops – the person who takes God’s Word – reads it – believes it – meditates upon it – thinks approximately it and obeys it? What form of character appears?

We have a man who like a tree planted by way of streams of water. This isn’t always a wild tree but a tree that has been planted in a specific location. We study something of his features and character.

This guy is anchored and cozy. His roots attain down into streams of water – and if one dries up – some other nourishes and revives the tree. He is anchored in God’s Word, and he’s going to now not flow, or be effortlessly blown over. He is at ease due to his Faith in Christ Jesus – and solid in the midst of the storm. In a hot us of a a tree will not survive until it has properly watered roots. Jesus Christ desires that we thrive in those risky difficult days.

There can be fruit in its season, and if it is not the season for fruit his leaf will now not wither. The trees of the Lord are evergreens. These hidden sources feed and nourish and maintain you no longer handiest alive however fresh.

Where is that this hidden or mystery circulate to be found? Look at John Chapter 7: 37 to 39. Jesus offers the thirsty guy a drink, and the drink turns into a reservoir – a properly inside. Rivers start to float from you – not handiest are you refreshed – but you refresh those around you.

This is an extremely good secret – no longer a secret to us – however so few realize approximately it.

Whatsoever he does flourishes however these three regions are critical – 1.Now not most effective do we have to be separated from the ways of sinners – but 2. Additionally saturated within the Word – and three. Situated by using the waters.

These phrases leave no room for failure or frustration.

You can not assume proper and stay incorrect – and you cannot suppose incorrect and stay proper.

The wicked or ungodly don’t know much about this manner of life. They are described via just words – “no longer so”. They are just like the chaff – the dry useless part of the wheat – fruitless – rootless – lifeless – and the wind simply blows it away.

It is just like the house built upon the sand. The judgement could be terrible.

What a contrast to that manly tree of individual. Jesus Christ desires us to be like that tree of character and great – standing tall refreshed and robust – rich within the eyes of God – with roots in His Word – refreshed by using the flowing Holy Spirit – and the Holy Spirit flowing through us and from us. And, God watching over you.

Can you believe if there have been no trees within the international – no disciples of Jesus Christ – no Christian mild and witness and testimony shining on this international?

What a blessing can glide from these few words for any man who’s inclined receive, take delivery of and embody what God is announcing. Speak approximately wealth and riches! You can’t purchase what is on provide here, anywhere!

Michael Flores

Sandy Shaw is Pastor of Nairn Christian Fellowship, Chaplain at Inverness Prison, and Nairn Academy, and serves on The Children’s Panel in Scotland, and has travelled significantly over these past years coaching, talking, in America, Canada, South Africa, Australia, making 12 visits to Israel accomplishing Tours and Pilgrimages, and most these days in Uganda and Kenya, ministering at Pastors and Leaders Seminars, inside the poor areas surrounding Kampala, Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu.